A 6am Phonecall that wont stop ringing….my ‘Friday the 13th’ experience; Hmmnn!


Someone else wants your kind of life...are you grateful you have one?

Friday the 13th is a day many remember cos one silly horror movie with same title that made the rounds a long time back; I did not see the movie, I will not see the movie…I don’t like to watch things that show pain and horror; oh no!!; if I have to watch a movie that has a sad side, then it had better end happily then its been justified. Opeyemi will want to watch a horror movie, he will claim to love them so much; then when it comes to the really gory eat the flesh and break the bone part; he’d start squirming behind me asking me to please tell him what happens next! Shio! Lol!!! Why bother watching naw? Anyway…!

Yesterday was Friday the 13th and the thought of Ope always barely watching the horror in movies flashed and then a question came to my heart that made me remember again, an early morning phone call I received a few Decembers ago…that ended up being a ‘near horror….(deep sigh)!

I don’t like phone calls; I have been this way for a long time; I’d rather type so much via chat or messenger than have to pick the phone and chatter on.  The Phone conversations I love to have are those that are focused and have real intent. Work Calls, Approval Calls, Referrals, Consulting etc….but not  ‘hey bawo ni’, ‘that dress i saw at…” etc, nahh, let’s chat that one! But this phone kept ringing this very early morning. Ope had gone to work some few seconds ago, or so it seemed, cos i was barely awake as he pecked goodbye, his usual routine way! I wonder how they do it, leaving home always so early just to get to the Island on time, poor guys, lucky us who work around where we live! When the phone rang for the 3rd time, I had to stir, and just pick it up so whoever it is gets a piece of why mornings are for sleeping. I ‘of cos’ knew it is most likely Ope because he is the one who will like to talk when he knows he can chat it and if you don’t pick, he will need to re register his authority and make you understand, ‘woman, i can talk and chat when and as i want’ but this morning, i was going to say ‘ but Ope you know I slept late and I still have to get to Warri today and just need this sleep”…and yes; my tone was in place and made to scream back on the phone when he said the 4 dreary words so clearly yet faintly  “DEBOLA, I HAVE BEEN SHOT”! WHAT????? WHERE?? HOW?? And the phone went off! Guys (i am even tearing all up writing this already) you don’t want  to get that kind of phone call then it cuts off! Why did it cut off??? Ha, i was scared!!!!!! I got up, ran out of the bedroom to call out to Ope’s Cousin, Seun, who stays with us; he ran after me, slipped , fell, so much drama and i was just running in circles trying to get the silly phone call to connect again.  (that is the end…lol!!!)

Gosh..u guys like gist…

So, i finally connect and its Sola, who goes to work with Ope who picks the phone and says…we are on the way to General Hospital, and Bola just pray for us; Ope is really bleeding and he is the one driving because i cannot drive.  I said, what happened? Did they take the car? He said no…just pray and come meet us at General Hospital. Gosh! 6am early morning, a normal day in my life which was planned to be the launch date for one of our stores in WArri (then i worked with Food Concepts heading the Marketing and PR arm and a Chicken Republic Store was billed to be opened, i never thought such things will happen without me till…);  Seun and I got into my car, and headed to the hospital, I was really scared, did not know how gory the hospital will look, what other cases will be there, how Ope will look, if there was blood etc…arghh…; we drove straight to the emergency arm and right in front of the hospital door was an elderly woman wailing and crying, my heart skipped many beats. ‘Why was she crying? Did she feel bad for Ope? Was it Ope she was praying so frantically for to survive? Will i be a widow at an age so young?” The woman was all i saw and i was already crying hard by the time i got to the door and made to ask the woman who she was crying for when Sola walked out , he was not crying, …he then made his hands out to say…

…he was responding to treatment…oh yes!!! Phew! I was just content he was alive! Ha! Man! Gosh! That was a really scary one. I know you want to know the story, but will make it short, so this post does not become unending. He had stopped at Maryland to pick Adeola who follows him to work alongside Sola daily, just by AP filling  Station…then he saw some guy harassing Adeola and wanting to snatch her laptop from her, his Voltron skills shot in and he got down to go harass the man back and find out what the heck was going on; the guy wondering whoever was so bold as to confront him must be damn dangerous, removes his gun and shoots at Ope , close range, it was the pellet type gun so it just scattered the pellets at him, Ope heard the sound but felt nothing, guy runs away, they get into the car to leave and then he noticed, his whole shirt was soaked in blood, panic set in, he calls me and drives really fast to get to the hospital. They hospital had another emergency same time, an accident involving a young guy, same age as Ope, but his neck was affected, it was his grandma crying outside, i saw the guy, laying next bed to Ope and i saw when he gave up, and his Dad noticed and asked the guy’s brother who was about screaming to keep quiet so the boy can rest in silence…such strength, I did not want that, and yea God granted us our request. When the X-ray was done, the pellets were all standing in very strategically ‘almost dangerous areas’. Thus, he was declared lucky, but i knew God had just given my husband a second chance at life. He could not be operated upon so they don’t complicate things but he was asked to endure the pains, but he pellets will come out of his flesh with time. 9 of them in his chest and neck area.

So many things in life to be grateful for! Many Near Misses…that we don’t know put aside the ones we know. Seeing that date yesterday, i knew i owed him many more thanks for blessing us the way he does daily. The bible says…he daily loads us with his benefits. We just need to always give him praise for sparing us and keeping us alive to do his will. Many of us are victims of ‘near misses’; i believe he kept it on for a reason, and its either we make him proud for giving us the second chance or we waste it and lose it entirely. No matter what, having read this, take a few minutes and say THANK YOU.



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